Practice for entrepreneurship and increasing turnover

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First of all: Why "baumann ideen" in lower case?
Individual spellings are often used for brand names in logo design. 
Typical examples are the exclusive use of lower case letters. 
With this style of writing, the "b", mirror-inverted, became the "d". 
This emphasises the close link between the name "baumann" and the outstanding - our "ideen"!

baumann ideen was founded in 1999. In 2006 the sole proprietorship became a GmbH & Co. KG. 
The reason for this was to free our clients from the problems with the Künstlersozialkasse.
Initially, the focus was on brochures, flyers, business cards and stationery. In the course of time, many other business areas have developed, including the creation of websites. There are always NEW challenges that we deal with. Currently, we offer our customers an "all-round service".
We are active nationwide! From Leizen to Laupheim, from Cologne to Frankfurt an der Oder, we look after our customers. 
The size of the company is not important to us - our customer base includes individual companies as well as chain stores. 
What is important to us is a constructive and sympathetic cooperation. Recommendations by customers are the best basis and the best advertising.
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Through our practical experience
we know the right way!

"Practice" for entrepreneurship and increasing turnover?

The word "practice or praxis" has two meanings here in Germany: 
1. action as a counterpart to general theory 
2. the workplace of a freelance, self-employed activity.
To 1: Theory is a way of thinking that attempts to solve problems only mentally, without including practice. 
Theoretical approaches are used to try to find solutions in practice. 
We have already gained practical experience in the fields of advertising and marketing from a wide range of industries. This experience benefits you as a client.
Re 2: The workplace or praxis is our company. 
Our goal is to successfully support you in your projects. 
In doing so, our ideas always have a practical reference  
... and here we are again at point 1.

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